Dave’s first professional work was for Pat Mills, when his skill came to the attention of Mills’ long-term, artistic collaborator Kev O Neill.

Pat is affectionately referred to as the Godfather of British comics having created the ultra violent, banned and vilified, Action comic and then the long running 2000AD, now celebrating it’s 40th year.

Dave also did some work with Pat on a story called Psycho Killer for the unfortunately short lived Toxic! Comic. He has also worked on Necroscope by the British author Brian Lumley and a comic for the band Metallica and has recently been creating work for the popular Magic the Gathering game and World of Warcraft, as well as a creator owned project called Houses of the Holy with best selling author Mike Carey.

Currently, his work has come full circle and Dave is the illustrator and co creator of The Deadworld series for 2000AD. This details the destruction of Deadworld by Judge Death and his Lieutenants. Judge Death being the arch-nemesis of Judge Dredd.